Site customization options

SharePoint has many ways of defining how the site will be configured once created; Site definitions, web templates, feature stapling. For a full list of the options, check out the following blog posts:

Site Definitions vs. Web Templates

SharePoint 2010 and web templates 

I’d like to complement this information with a bit of my own.

In the new webTemplate element, it’s possible to use resource expressions for title, description and display category. This should make it easier to create localized versions of the templates; no need to use parallel file structures.

Feature stapling is something I only do for MySite. At some point in time you may wonder if a problem exists in the standard templates. If you avoid feature stapling, it’s easy to check if the problem exists and thus report a bug.

Don’t be afraid of creating your own templates, with the new webTemplate option, it doesn’t require much effort. The upside is that you then have the ability to grow as time goes by. If you need a department and project template, go ahead. You don’t have to try and tweak both options into feature stapling against the generic team site.


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