MUI capabilities of SharePoint 2010

For some time now, I’ve wanted to explore the MUI capabilities provided in SharePoint 2010. In general they seem to work out fine, but there are some quirks I find a bit strange.

The first step on the path to multi-lingual SharePoint nirvana is to download the appropriate language pack. This has to be installed on each server.

Once that has been installed, you will have to make a conscious choice to enable the language on your site collection; it doesn’t happen automatically.

This can be done quite easily through the site settings.

Then check off the languages you wish to use.

When this has been enabled, you get a new option on the drop-down menu connected to your login name.

It’s then easy to toggle between the different languages.

When provisioning sites and site collections, you get to choose what the default language should be. This works in both the HTML and Silverlight version. The Silverligth version will also be presented in your chosen language.


Another capability of enabling multiple languages is that you can provide a language specific name for your lists. When you edit the title and description for a list, the current culture is stored together with the value. By changing the the active language, it’s possible to add multiple linguistic versions.

The place where things become a bit strange, is on the the quick launch.

Shared Documents shows a modified version for the English version, but on the Norwegian version it seems to be using a translated version of the original.

For my custom list, it doesn’t seem to be using the Norwegian version at all.


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