The Magical Mystery Tour begins

If you are new to SharePoint, you have undoubtedly stared down the tunnel and wondering if the light shining in your eyes is hope or a freight train coming at you. This project is all about sharing my take on the SharePoint thing.

I’ve been working with SharePoint for a number of years now, and a number of things keep cropping up on multiple projects.

  • Deploying and setting up SharePoint installations
  • Site collection provisioning and maintenance
  • All sorts of other bits and pieces that makes SharePoint development easier.

The purpose is to create a package that contains useful additions to SharePoint that makes your life easier.

You can either:

  • Use the package as is
  • Copy the pieces of code you want
  • Or, totally ignore the whole thing. If you decide to do this, I would like to hear why.

It can be downloaded from CodePlex

Now an explanation of the name may be in order. The base part of the project is called the SharePoint Mystery; this contains stuff that is generic across multiple projects. The sample project is called Magical. This does in no way insinuate that I’m a magician. It’s simple the fact that when you combine Magical and Mystery, you get the part of the title of a Beatles song. Since I’ll be showing you around, it will be a Tour. Simple as that.

In the weeks and months ahead, various blog posts will describe certain parts of the code. If there is an area you are interested in that I haven’t written anything about, send me a message. If you find errors or have suggestions on how things can be improved, use the issue tracker on CodePlex.


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