One personal site template no longer rules them all

In SharePoint 2007 and 2010 it was easy to staple a feature to the personal site; use SPSPERS#0

This has become a lot more tricker in SharePoint 2013. In this version, the template being used will depend on what permissions the user has at the time of personal site provisioning. Are they allowed to use social features? Are they allowed to use storage?

Digging into the SharePoint code, you can find the following function.

Assuming you are only interested in the SharePoint 2013 sites (no upgrading from 2010), there are now 3 different templates to consider.

One open question I haven’t found an answer to yet is what happens if people are given more permissions at a later date? A company starts off only with the social features and plans to introduce the storage capability later on. How do you upgrade the sites from one template to another without loosing existing data?

At the moment this seems like an odd design choice.


2 Responses to One personal site template no longer rules them all

  1. I’ve been playing around with permissions for the better part of a day. For the life of me I cannot find where you might set something that would change “enableStorage” to false. The client we’re working at wants to disable everything except for the newsfeed and followed sites. So I thought SPSPERS#4 would be perfect but I can’t figure out how to get that created! ???

    • It’s been some time since I dug around the system, but I think it’s connected to the permissions you can configure in the User Profile Service. By default ‘Authenticated Users’ are allowed to work with social and storage; so everybody gets everything. My guess would be that you would have to define Active Directory groups, then assign them various permissions in the service.

      Now that Yammer is getting more and more focus, you might be going down a blind-alley with the SharePoint social features.

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